Friday, May 1, 2009

Abbey, Liberal High Street Team Member

For Abbey's session, we attempted to go outdoors for a couple of shots. Although the temperature and lighting was nice, the wind was relentless. We shot a few, but the wind made it look like we were shooting in a tornado! haha But, we went back in the studio and created some beautiful images.


My name is... Abbey Danielle Page

My nickname is... Arbs

I go to school at... Liberal High School

My favorite class is... English

My biggest accomplishment has been... doing well in school all while staying active in clubs and having time for my friends.

This summer I will... be working for Chicken Mary's and having a blast with my friends :D

My dream vacation is... Rome

My dream job is... a forensic investigator, just like those cool girls on CSI

All time favorite movie... is Hello Dolly or The Breakfast Club

I love to listen to... all kinds of music

My all time favorite food is... junk food of course

My favorite website is... facebook

My favorite place to shop is... Forever21, but they do not have one nearby so I don't get to shop there often

My favorite TV show is... Scrubs or Gossip Girl

An unusual talent I have is... I can make a clover shape with my toungue

The person I'd like to meet the most is... Justin Timberlake, my hero

My favorite possession is... a wood carving my grandpa carved for me

I never leave home without... my cell phone

A random fact about me is... I was born on Mickey Mouse's birthday

I chose to have my senior portraits taken at Jessica Edwards Photography because... someone told me about her and I thought her pictures were rockin :P

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